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All Hytec water pumps are reverse engineered and manufactured to: O.E.M. Form, Fit & Function. We offer extensive vehicle coverage for all automotive passenger cars, heavy duty, high performance, industrial, agricultural and marine applications. Hytec offers water pumps with complete castings, impellers, and hubs for the units they are currently tooling for. All water pumps are assembled with heavy-duty roller bearings and nothing but premium gaskets for all applications.


  • Meets or Exceeds O.E.M. Specifications.

  • Look and Fit Housings Meet O.E.M. Specs.

  • TS-16949 Certified.

  • Unitized Seals providing excellent protection Bearing Assemblies with Precision Ground & Lubricated (O.E.M. Approved).

  • All Impellers & Hubs Manufactured to O.E.M. Specifications for Maximum Coolant Flow.

All Hytec water pumps are reverse engineered and manufactured to: OEM Form, Fit & Function. Hytec has extensive vehicle coverage for: All automotive passenger cars, Heavy Duty, High Performance, Industrial, Agricultural and Marine applications. Over 900 active part numbers are in the Hytec Program and we are continuously tooling fornew part numbers, which are added to our application range every 41 days. Hytec owns and operates a State of the Art New Water Pump factory in China originally built inDecember 2004 and just recently tripled its size in 2008 to fulfill the demand of its valued customers. Hytec holds the highest manufacturing certifications in the automotive industry as being ISO, QS and now TS 16949, which is like having a Masters Degree in premium manufacturing. Hytec employees the top engineers in the manufacturing arena and are on hand to ensure Hytec produces the highest quality in today’s fast growing industry. Aftermarket autoparts experience is a vital component of Hytec Automotive. Hytec’s owners have decades of experience in the manufacturing, sales and distribution of auto parts in the Americas.

Hytec has two strong Distribution centers, the first is located in is located in Columbus, 0hio and the second in California. Both centers are able to process orders within 48 hours or less upon receipt.

When it comes to Global Distribution, no one can match our shipping abilities to ship anywhere on the planet. Hytec today ships product into multiple countries around the world with precise accuracy.

Hytec today is a prime manufacturer of new water pumps, manufacturing the complete castings,impellers and hubs for the units they are currently tooled for. The only key components that Hytec does not manufacture their units are the seals, bearings and gaskets. Hytec assembles their waterpumps with Heavy Duty Roller Bearings, supplied by a joint venture with SKF and provide nothing but Premium Gaskets for all applications.

NOTE: All gaskets are packaged in a zip lock polyurethane bags, so gaskets are not bentduring shipping, which may cause a leaking after installation, We have also started arunning change securing the gasket to the top flap of the box, for even more protection.

The Hytec packaging is “First in Class” and was nominated for Best Product Packaging in the water pump category at the 2005 MPEX Show in Las Vegas, lt reflects a strong Hytec brandimage and has been very well accepted at the installer level.

Competitive Pricing? Hytec offers it’s customers a very competitive pricing structure which allows them to compete and make a healthy gross profit no matter what market they are in, Hytec calculates their WD net prices using a Cost Up method. All major competitors pricing is reviewed, but the cost up practice seems to be the best strategy for landing new business so far.

Hytec has a great working relationship with Activant/Triad and Wrenchhead electronic catalog data systems. Monthly updates are supplied to keep their customers constantly updated with the latest applications available in today’s fast growing industry.


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