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Fiat Tipo 87-89 / Fiat Tempra 89-95 / Fiat Uno 89-92

Make Modle Engine CC KW cylinder Type Year
FIAT TIPO 1.4 (160.AC) 1372 52 4 Hatchback 1987-1989
FIAT TIPO 1.4 i.e. (160.AP, 160.AD, 160.EA) 1372 51 4 Hatchback 1989-1995
FIAT TEMPRA 1.4 i.e. (159.AC, 159.AX) 1372 51 4 Saloon 1992-1996
FIAT TEMPRA 1.6 i.e. (159.AE) 1581 57 4 Saloon 1990-1992
FIAT TEMPRA SW 1.4 i.e. (159.AC, 159.AX) 1372 51 4 Estate 1992-1996
FIAT TEMPRA SW 1.6 i.e. (159.AS, 159.AT) 1581 55 4 Estate 1992-1996
FIAT TEMPRA SW 1.6 i.e. (159.AE) 1581 57 4 Estate 1990-1996
FIAT TIPO 1.6 (160.AE) 1581 61 4 Hatchback 1988-1991
FIAT TEMPRA 1.4 i.e. (159.AC) 1372 57 4 Saloon 1991-1996
FIAT TEMPRA SW 1.4 i.e. (159.AC) 1372 57 4 Estate 1991-1996
FIAT TEMPRA SW 1.6 1581 63 4 Estate 1990-1993
FIAT TEMPRA 1.6 1581 63 4 Saloon 1990-1993
FIAT UNO 70 S 1.4 1372 52 4 Hatchback 1989-1992

Brand Sku Type Name Relevance
Saleri SIL PA529P Water Pump Saleri SIL PA529P Array Direct Details»
GP PA854 Water Pump GP PA854 Array Direct Details»
FAI WP2696 Water Pump FAI WP2696 Array Direct Details»
MOTAQUIP VWP368 Water Pump MOTAQUIP VWP368 Array Direct Details»
MOTAQUIP VWP697 Water Pump MOTAQUIP VWP697 Array Direct Details»
BUGATTI PA0512S Water Pump BUGATTI PA0512S Array Direct Details»
BUGATTI PA5906 Water Pump BUGATTI PA5906 Array Direct Details»
AIRTEX 1504 Water Pump AIRTEX 1504 Array Direct Details»
VALEO 506386 Water Pump VALEO 506386 Array Direct Details»
RUVILLE 65830 Water Pump RUVILLE 65830 Array Direct Details»
BENDIX 491266B Water Pump BENDIX 491266B Array Direct Details»
BENDIX 491377B Water Pump BENDIX 491377B Array Direct Details»
FIRSTLINE FWP1650 Water Pump FIRSTLINE FWP1650 Array Direct Details»
TS UNION 31101434 Water Pump TS UNION 31101434 Array Direct Details»
FIAT 7737257 Water Pump FIAT 7737257 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QCP2696 Water Pump QUINTON HAZELL QCP2696 Array Direct Details»
QUINTON HAZELL QCP2948 Water Pump QUINTON HAZELL QCP2948 Array Direct Details»
UNIPART GWP368 Water Pump UNIPART GWP368 Array Direct Details»
DOLZ S124 Water Pump DOLZ S124 Array Direct Details»
GRAF PA566 Water Pump GRAF PA566 Array Direct Details»
KWP 10566 Water Pump KWP 10566 Array Direct Details»
DELPHI DD1574 Water Pump DELPHI DD1574 Array Direct Details»
FRIMATEC 220500 Water Pump FRIMATEC 220500 Array Direct Details»
DELPHI WP2188 Water Pump DELPHI WP2188 Array Direct Details»
COPARTS 01236785 Water Pump COPARTS 01236785 Array Direct Details»
OPTIMAL AQ-1609 Water Pump OPTIMAL AQ-1609 Array Indirect Details»
BGA CP3008 Water Pump BGA CP3008 Array Indirect Details»
HEPU P126 Water Pump HEPU P126 Array Indirect Details»
SKF VKPC82224 Water Pump SKF VKPC82224 Array Indirect Details»
FIRST LINE FWP 1650 Water Pump FIRST LINE FWP 1650 Array Indirect Details»
METELLI 24-0566 Water Pump METELLI 24-0566 Array Indirect Details»
THERMOTEC D1F050TT Water Pump THERMOTEC D1F050TT Array Indirect Details»
GK 985126 Water Pump GK 985126 Array Indirect Details»
DOLZ S-124ST Water Pump DOLZ S-124ST Array Indirect Details»
SALERI PA-529P Water Pump SALERI PA-529P Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 7784975 Water Pump FIAT 7784975 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 771 9918 Water Pump FIAT 771 9918 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 7 630 343 Water Pump FIAT 7 630 343 Array Indirect Details»
AQUAPLUS 85-2490 Water Pump AQUAPLUS 85-2490 Array Indirect Details»
FAI AutoParts WP 2696 Water Pump FAI AutoParts WP 2696 Array Indirect Details»
FENOX HB2537 Water Pump FENOX HB2537 Array Indirect Details»
SPIDAN 60521 Water Pump SPIDAN 60521 Array Indirect Details»
OPEN PARTS WAP8083.00 Water Pump OPEN PARTS WAP8083.00 Array Indirect Details»
GGT PA12344 Water Pump GGT PA12344 Array Indirect Details»
STATIM W.341 Water Pump STATIM W.341 Array Indirect Details»
TRISCAN 8600 15873 Water Pump TRISCAN 8600 15873 Array Indirect Details»
DOLZ S149 Water Pump DOLZ S149 Array Indirect Details»
KWP 10366 Water Pump KWP 10366 Array Indirect Details»
FIAT 7 653 408 Water Pump FIAT 7 653 408 Array Indirect Details»
LPR WP0044 Water Pump LPR WP0044 Array Indirect Details»

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Dimensions 9.500000 × 6.000000 × 5.000000 in


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