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Full Synthetic

Full synthetic offers the most advanced protection for gasoline and turbo engines. It is formulated with the latest technology, exceeding the most recent demands in the market. It provides excellent performance at low and high temperatures, helps reduce oil and gasoline consumption, keeps pistons clean, and significantly extends oil change periods.

Synthetic Blend

Semi-synthetic oil is specially formulated for new, young, and old engines. This formula -one of the best in the market today- helps prevent sludge, considerably decreasing harmful deposits. It provides unsurpassed protection against wear, ensuring a significant decrease in fuel consumption and ultimately keeping the engine young for longer. It is an elixir for your engine.


Our Mineral Motor Oil is a conventional multigrade oil formulated to fulfill two primary purposes: MAXIMUM ENGINE PROTECTION WITH HIGH PERFORMANCE. It helps to keep the pistons clean and efficiently prevents the wear of the engine and the accumulation of sludge and deposits, ensuring appreciable fuel savings. This formula exceeds API SN PLUS and SN requirements.


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